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A fall, a massive shock and the whole person feels divided, separated!

by | Mar 3, 2024

Back into unity with one session!

Yesterday a seminar participant called me and asked if I could take a look, she had a


Such an interesting session – I absolutely have to share it with you.

I tried to reach through the head to see if there were any blockages in the skull or the base of the skull or in the ear area and in the ears. There were blockages, but as I tried to bring the entire head into symmetry and mobility (only known from the tailoring method), the head locked up completely, the sutures did not want to become free.

And then it happened – suddenly she started crying and talking about a massive fall!

We had landed on the cause. Many years earlier, it had knocked her off her feet while skiing and she landed on her head. What remained was an insane shock, the head could no longer be touched properly by anyone.

It was already sensational that I was allowed to attack her like that. She knew me from her training in the tailoring method and therefore trusted me, but was initially very tense.

The solution to fall trauma

The solution par excellence. I immediately started to find the main causes of the shock, and lo and behold, the most important thing about the impact was the feeling of being at the mercy of others, of being helpless in this situation. We then worked on this situation with a mixture of kinesiological shock work with my own extensions.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, the process had progressed so far that she could hardly perceive the accident, the feelings (yes, dream release usually happens so quickly for me and is then also lasting). Afterwards I was able to make the head wonderfully elastic and as if lubricated. The tinnitus noise was gone.

But what was even more interesting. Energy flowed back into the entire left side of her body (femininity, feeling) and suddenly she felt as one again, her left leg was just as long as her right, she felt connected again, as one. And she was so radiant, so relaxed, so at ease.

Friends who were there also said, what’s wrong with you, you’re so radiant.

A wonderful therapeutic experience with a fantastic outcome.

And there are many people who are very blocked by shocks in their lives and don’t even associate it with them.


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