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It’s crazy what all is possible with the tailoring method

by | Oct 28, 2023

It’s crazy what’s possible . . . .
What makes the tailoring method so groundbreaking?

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Developed over the last 20 years by healing masseur, kinesiologist and DP physiotherapist.

the extraordinary therapeutic holism the three- and multidimensional grip technique (modulation technique and osteomodulatiion)

seeing with the hands working on and in the bone the depth of treatment the extreme versatility the special sustainability the consulting model for prevention and cause avoidance.

Treatment topics in which usually hardly any good, sustainable solutions are offered All kinds of headaches (up to cluster headaches) Trigeminal neuralgia (super solutions in a short time) Middle ear infection, earache, jaw treatment (world novelty in this form) Neck scratching and lump in the throat, deblocking of the thyroid gland (often surgery can be avoided).

Extreme voice improvement for singers and speakers, solve shoulder discomfort in a few sessions, solve Sudeck syndrome in a few sessions sustainably Disrupt all kinds of scars, treat fresh injuries early to allow healing within a short time

Resolve stubborn low back pain resolve kidney congestion quickly resolve pubic bone inflammation, guide cartilage in joints back into the growth process, resolve fresh and old ankle injuries quickly and sustainably and much more . . .

In most cases, only a few treatments are needed, and in each treatment cycle, different problem areas are always remedied at the same time, if necessary. Precaution and avoidance of cause traps among other things also with the councellor pain Ad̩ and an ingenious health cushion Рjust holistic

The Schneider Method – holistic – versatile – profound – sustainable!
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