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432 hearts are more beneficial in music and health!

by | Apr 28, 2024

432 hearts are also used in the healthcare sector!

A battle for the truth is raging between 432 Herz and 440 Herz. In baroque music, the concert pitch A is tuned to 432 Herz. Before I go into the health aspect and the use of the 432 heart in medicine, I would like to refer you to two search engine entries (both linked).

One reason why the 432 Hz frequency is so special is its alignment with the rhythms of our planet. Some claim that this frequency is in harmony with the resonance of the earth itself, often referred to as the ” Schumann resonance “.

432 Heart
– Music sounds warmer and softer, we perceive it in the heart and spine area and the piece of music is perceived as round and balanced, music in the standard tuning of 440 Heart expands linearly and is perceived from the side of the head.

The following disadvantages and advantages are listed in a short video.

In the health sector, in aura surgery, for example, a tuning fork with 432 hearts is used to harmonize tissue. This is part of the subtle surgery work and actually works almost miracles.

Why there are “officially” no studies on this is something that everyone can find out for themselves in the spiritual awakening process. There are considerable differences between officially true and true.

We are currently in the process of finding out where the tuning fork is located outside the already known areas.

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