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Hip, groin and organs, how are they connected?

by | Sep 26, 2023

Hip, groin, pubic bone, lower lumbar spine and organs such as intestine and bladder, how is this connected and why does it often not heal or heal only with difficulty?

Movement restrictions of the thigh, hip arthrosis, inflammation of the pubic bone, persistent lumbar spine complaints, among other things also slipped discs, intestinal or bladder weaknesses or even appendicitis – what do they often have in common?

Especially through sports, through falls and blows, the hip bone (Os coxae – coxarthrosis) is often bruised. This causes bruising in the bone as well. This causes it to harden and often also results in mostly minimal deformation. “Minimal deformation, won’t matter much,” you may think to yourself. But, on the one hand, since bones should be resilient, that is, elastic, this elasticity is eliminated by the bruise and the subsequent hardening of the bone. The bone becomes rigid, hard and this process is often accompanied by deformation. Either as an injury part or due to the dried up bruise in the bone.

This often results in problems with the hip joint, the pubic bone (inflammation of the pubic bone), groin problems up to a hernia, spinal column problems up to a herniated disc (discus prolapse), but also organic weaknesses such as intestinal problems, bladder problems, possibly even appendicitis. Where does this knowledge come from?

They are long-term observations before and after the hip bone treatment. When treating the hip bone with osteomodulation using the cutting method, the pubic bone, which is usually also hardened, as well as the acetabulum and sometimes the ischium must also be treated. Yes, hip osteoarthritis (coxarthrosis), pubic bone inflammation, especially common in athletes, hernias, and organ weaknesses that can’t really be fixed in the long term are the focus here. Osteomodulation of the cutter method is the next level of manual-energetic treatment form after fascia therapy.………


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