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Sitting and lying properly is one of the pillars of health!

by | Sep 25, 2023

You probably know the pillars of health. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, etc.

The area of sitting, lying or even standing, yes you are amazed, sitting, lying and standing is also one of the pillars of health. More than you can imagine.

But what is meant by this? Incorrect lying, sitting and standing causes an extremely large number of problems and even illnesses. Tension, twisting of the spine, jaw misalignment, headaches, thyroid problems, shoulder problems or even organ weaknesses are often related to incorrect posture.

To the advisor –

As a holistic therapist in the manual – energetic field, I have dealt a lot with the subject and have also written a guidebook on the subject. A guide full of useful hints, examples of what is inappropriate or correct and also exercises that can solve problems already caused.

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