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Phenomenal observation during the shock solution

by | May 26, 2024

We made some phenomenal observations in the recent basic seminar on the tailoring method.

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The shock or trauma solution serves to neutralize the dark, stressful images from the basal nucleus or hypothalamus. As long as they persist, these images can hinder metabolism, breathing, well-being, vitality and functions specifically associated with what is happening.

Healing processes are often only hindered or even prevented by unresolved shocks and taumatas. This area is therefore of particular importance in the tailoring method.

In the seminar the week before last, these shock solutions, which we work on very intensively in the course of the training, were observed in the following visible phenomena.

You could directly observe how at the end of the solution, i.e. the absolute cleansing of the inner images and feelings

  • the body of the affected person has collapsed directly into itself. This means that the tension artificially inflated by the shock has left the body directly and made way for deep relaxation. This was also reflected in the fact that the “relaxed” participants were extremely tired over the next few days. The whole organism regenerated.
  • In the final phase of the process mentioned above, a gray shadow, like a subtle cloth, has visibly escaped.

I have never seen anything like this before, although the shock solutions have worked extremely well for many years.

These images have been internalized as a big AHA and again prove that this type of dream solution is perfect.

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