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Vitamins and their effects

by | Apr 29, 2024

💝 Which vitamins are you missing?
☘️ If you often have bad breath, you lack vitamin B3.
☘️ Even minor bruising causes bruises that do not disappear for long – too little vitamin C. ☘️Verstopfung can be caused by a lack of B vitamins.
☘️Schwindel and tinnitus – lack of vitamins B3 and E, as well as manganese and potassium.
☘️ Redness of the eyes, inability to adapt quickly to darkness, barley – lack of vitamins A and B2.
☘️ Dandruff occurs – lack of vitamin B12, B6, F and selenium.
☘️ Dark and brittle hair is a sign of a vitamin B, F and iodine deficiency.
☘️ Hair loss – lack of vitamin B9, C, H, inositol.
☘️ Insomnia – a lack of B vitamins, potassium and calcium.
☘️ Frequent nosebleeds – lack of vitamin C, K and B3.
☘️ Acne and red spots on the neck are signs of a vitamin A and B deficiency.

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