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Sleep problems completely cured within a few days after thirty years!

by | Apr 2, 2021

A tremendously positive circumstance that has affected me myself.

For thirty or more years, I couldn’t sleep properly, couldn’t fall asleep well, could barely sleep through the night, and could never get a good night’s sleep. I was downright afraid of the night. You can’t imagine that if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

With all kinds of therapies and measures for sleep optimization, we have tried to change this condition, to bring healing to the sleep issue, so to speak. Optimal lying as well as the right pillow or bed did good, but did not help to get restful sleep.

Then in July 2020, my partner and colleague Maria Mierl said, let’s try Sound of Soul. She works very successfully with this heart music method.

The session in which we had my heart rate variability transformed into music, into sounds, was very uncomfortable because I was restless, nervous and irritated. A clear indication that we were doing the right thing. After about an hour we were done.

I then listened to the recording a few times and suddenly Maria said: “You tell me most days that you slept well. I don’t know that from you at all”. Yes, exactly, that’s when I noticed it too. I was able to sleep, fall asleep super, sleep through the night except for the nightly bathroom visits. Falling asleep after the toilet was also easy.

“A blast, I can sleep again”!!!

Yes, I can sleep properly again, no more fear of the night, of lying awake forever and waking up feeling exhausted.

“Yay, I can sleep again”!

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