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The way back after burnout, knee pain, shoulder pain and a nearly deaf ear

by | Jun 11, 2021

Brief history on my part.

The woman whose view of the procedures follows my perceptions came by our house with a friend and I saw that she could walk cau.

“Well, you’re not doing too well either” I said after some time of conversation. “Well, no, actually, shit,” she meant. Then I told about what I do therapeutically and yes, that’s what she wanted.

I treated the knees, full of tension, rotten and barely mobile, by means of the tailor method, APM, and I gave her a few movements, a few exercises. After 2 – 3 treatments, walking was already just a side show. More difficult was the shoulder, completely hardened, displaced, the neck rather stone like flesh and so of course the pillow was to be changed immediately.

We then also adjusted that together, via mobile phone. The neck improved significantly within the first 3 sessions, the shoulder did not want to as quickly. But after five sessions, even this was so good that all movements were about 80-90% possible. Sleeping without pain, even on the affected shoulder was also possible again.

The energy, the burnout was not so long ago, first showed full. Massive fatigue and an intensive catch-up on rest was the result. But after the fourth session, the tiredness changed into freshness, zest for action, lust for life.

The almost deaf ear was interesting. At the third session, the woman told me that she was more or less deaf in her right ear. I asked, “should I try, maybe we can get better”? “Yes, gladly,” was then the answer. So I worked through the whole head, primarily the right side down to the neck and jaw. The bones, which initially felt like a plate, were already relatively elastic and lively by the second session, and “normal” again after the second head treatment, which extremely surprised the client. She also said, “somehow I’m hearing again, I just don’t know how much.” Now, about three weeks after the last treatment, she goes to the ear doctor. Then we will also know measurably what has happened.

Yes, this is just the very briefest summary reporting on my part. Here is their perception:

My way to me

I am now 62 and have worked hard and more than allowed all my life.

Several aches and pains, breakdowns, back surgery, broken ribs, burnout and much more.

Everything, as well as various strokes of fate, both of a private and business nature, I have registered and absorbed in passing, worked through and moved on; getting up, straightening the crown and continuing to function.

When I actually had a longer free time or even vacation, I was of course sick or sprained my ankle quickly. As befits a stressed being.

My friend Inge always got me going with her special methods of treatment. With her, I learned to listen to my body. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out so well once you’re back on the treadmill and have to function.

Anyway, now I have decided to start a new phase of my life.

And there was the question: How is it possible after 27 years suddenly not to be hectic and to let the soul dangle without a guilty conscience. HELP!!!

First you can’t walk properly anymore, you’re constantly tired and weary, what’s going on?

So go to Cyprus and take some time off; first 4 weeks to come down…then 6 weeks to stabilize and then

my beloved mother dies. Things are not getting better with me. Search the internet, try a metabolism cure…Yippee, but that’s it now!

Think, not quite yet.

I meet Gerhard on his permaculture in Maroni and quite incidentally I discover the massage table. And then it started. I think he completely took me apart and put me back together. Haven’t experienced it like this before!!!

It was exhausting; without a doubt, also hurt, triggered emotions. I was fixed and all afterwards and even 2 days later. But in the end it’s the result that counts!

After the first treatment I was able to walk with my legs straight again. I already felt more relieved…easier in my movements despite sore muscles.

My widow’s hump is straightened again.

My deaf ear deserved a particularly heavy and painful treatment… and you won’t believe how little by little I noticed how the painful parts were loosened.

I already have a little bit of a feeling that something is happening in the area of better hearing. Surely my body has some turbulence to deal with first.

Now let’s see if the defragmented hard drive in the head also improves all other ills and how the head then works again, as well as the whole body then got into flow.

I am excited and eager to see how my development continues.

A big thank you to Gerhard Schneider for his work on me !!!!

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