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Achilles tendon rupture – follow-up treatment done after four sessions!

by | Feb 26, 2023

Achilles tendon rupture and subsequent surgery – aftercare does not have to take long!

Some time ago, a 25-year-old man came to the practice, on referral. He suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon a year earlier and was undergoing treatment after that. Physical therapy, he said. The success, little to hardly.

Scars, adhesions and blockages main reason for therapy resistance.

After a brief palpation, I found a lot of adhesions and, of course, the scar at the tear site. That was healed neatly according to usual observation. Not, however, according to a holistic view.

The Achilles tendon tissue was pappy (stuck together) and the wound at the laceration or surgical site was hard, bulging. In hard bulging condition, a scar cannot heal further unless it is treated and the scar is made soft and alive.

But what was much more cause of the constant complaints!

The bones in the foot were totally glued together. The foot was like a board and could no longer roll. This overloaded the tissues in the foot, calves to the knee and hips.

The treatment by Schneider’s method and Schneider’s acupuncture massage worked very quickly. After only 3 treatments, the scars were quite soft and the foot rolled again somewhat. This did so much good to the healing process, as the man was able to walk almost normally again and thus virtually treated the tissues through his activity.

By the fourth therapy session, we had a complete breakthrough. Some time later I met him in the city and he said, “brilliant, everything is fine, I can walk normally again, jogging, etc.”. It’s like it was before”! Of course, that made us both very happy.

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