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Ankle injury, what you need to know!

by | Mar 3, 2023

Ankle injuries are among the most common injuries, especially those of the ligament injuries!

Who has never fallen over in his life? Many in any case already and often several times. But how does it happen and especially what can be done for the best possible or complete healing?

How to achieve fast and sustainable healing after ankle injuries?

That is exactly what this report is about.

This article is about mentioning important details that are usually rather not seen or known, and to show the reason why such injury often causes long problems, leaves chronic pain or even remains unstable and requires the above plastic.

Repeated injury to the ankle also falls into this range.

First of all, the possibilities of violation

  • Ligament stretching
  • Ligament strain
  • Torn ligament
  • Fracture of the malleoli (bone/cartilage end of the tibia and fibula)
  • Fracture of the calcaneus (heel bone)
  • Fracture of the ankle bone (talus)

Especially the ligaments in the ankle joint are very often injured. In many cases, conservative treatment is used. Operations are being performed less and less frequently. If an ankle joint remains unstable after treatment, a ligament is inserted by means of periosteoplasty. More about this in the article from

Important details in the treatment:

  1. The cellular and emotional shock must be resolved at all costs!
  2. The scars, the flow disturbances have to be removed afterwards. The flow of blood, serum, meridian fluid, and nervous stimuli must be optimal for rapid, sustained healing.
  3. And very importantly, the bones in the ankle joint, in the tarsus, in the metatarsal bones and possibly down to the toes must be free, that is, all the joints between these bones, but also the bones themselves must be back in their original or nearly original condition.
  4. This requires a diagnosis (medical diagnosis) to find out what is actually pending.

More often than not, Sudeck syndrome can occur in the ankle joint area, see

By means of the cutting method, excellent results can be achieved in a short time.

There will be a video soon, because this can’t really be explained without pictures and movements. So see you soon!


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