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Cat healing after sterilization and shock of cat mother

by | Feb 12, 2021

We have made a very interesting experience in connection with the sterilization of our cats.

It was very difficult for us to have our cats sterilized, because it is a deep cut in the natural course of a cat’s life. But in the end it is a matter of life or death, living sterilized or no longer being. There are already so many cats in Cyprus, and when our three ladies have offspring, where to put them?

Permaculture Paradise Garden Maroni Cat Family

What was very noticeable about us?

We went to the vet with our five young cats in 2 stages. Each time cats coming back from sterilization were fully attacked by the others, the siblings or even the mother. It was exactly the same when the mother cat came back from sterilization. The then still very small kittens attacked their mother so one to 2 days full.

For the boys, this was over after about 2 days.

Conversely, however, something strange happened.

When we brought the kittens back from the vet, the mother cat was massively afraid of her kittens. No idea why. We had to feed her extra in a place away from the boys and she never ventured near the house again. Such a panic fear of their own children. It was horrible to watch.

After a few days, this condition did not change, we had to act. So we decided to schedule a kinesiology treatment.

A kinesiological treatment of the mother cat by means of surrogate.

Since it is not possible to ask the cat why it reacts so strangely, we worked with a surrogate. That is, the kinesiology muscle test is performed over a person. Maria was surrogate, Gerhard treated.

Then the surprising!

It turned out that the mother cat perceived her children only like skeletons, which made her reaction understandable. Like skeletons! You have to imagine that.

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The solution in this case Gienow essences.


The kinesiology test confirmed that this is the remedy of choice at the moment. I just had to test which essence was appropriate. The essence “Protection” was displayed. A drop on the forehead. After that I test if it needs any other supporting actions. No, was the test answer.

With that, we ended the meeting.

And behold!

The next day, the panic was gone. Too much closeness or eating together was not yet possible. But this improved every day. After three days, eating together was possible again.

Meanwhile, the condition is as before. And that is wonderful. This again shows how little effort it takes to bring states back into harmony, after all we only worked for 15 minutes and used one drop of the Gienov essences. Oh yes, we then also put a drop in the drinking water.

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