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Hand injuries, scaphoid fractures, metacarpal fractures, etc., supporting with the hands is no longer possible – what to do?

by | Sep 16, 2018

Again and again you hear from people, “I can’t support myself anymore” “I can’t do push-ups anymore”, “I can’t really grip anymore” and the like.

Why actually, what can be there?

It often happens that one falls, catches oneself with the hands and afterwards has big problems to move the hand, to support oneself etc.. The hands are also often injured in accidents.

Scaphoid fractures, metacarpal fractures, but also only compression can be the consequences

What to do?

Initially, it is very important to cool the injured area to keep the swelling in check. Very helpful are
Bach flowers (emergency drops/rescue)
which you drip once in the mouth to soothe the shock and on the other hand make compresses in the affected area.

X-ray, see if and if so what is broken, is quite important. Fractures are treated in the hospital.

But what about after that? Therapeutic gymnastics, stretching, compresses? Experience shows that this often misses the mark, that it even frequently leads to the
Sudek’s disease
which was already discussed in an earlier post.

These injuries almost always cause the bones of the carpus to become stuck together and thus blocked. Therefore, supporting is no longer possible, because the palm of the hand becomes like a board (normally, the palm of the hand bends round when supported) and so, on the one hand, there is general pressure sensitivity, and on the other hand, angular pressure on the cartilages and on the condyles (the small cones) of the forearm bones (ulna, radius) occurs when supporting.

Some people suffer from such problems for years. The cutter method is an excellent method of making the carpal bones or the joints between them mobile again in such a way
that the hand becomes completely functional again.

In case of metacarpal fractures, it is also important to dissolve all the adhesions, make the periosteum supple and sliding on the bone again. Also suitable for this the tailoring method excellent.

However – for the
this can be a highly intensive
“back-breaking work”
to get this
“board carpus
back into motion.

Oh yes, also the
shock solution
should not be disregarded.

The success rate is 90 – 100

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