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Eliminate middle ear infection and muffled hearing performance naturally and quickly!

by | Jul 17, 2022

Middle ear infection adé! Two relaxed sessions using the tailoring method are usually enough for full, lasting success!

Middle ear infection is especially common in children. In addition to severe pain, this inflammation is often accompanied by a reduction in hearing performance. The sounds are also perceived dull, as if muffled by absorbent cotton.

Surgery is often suggested for this medical presentation, but it does not have to be. More and lasting success brings solving the cause of otitis media.


  • Trauma, i.e., injuries from blows, falls, or the like.
  • Lying on one side especially in infancy
  • prolonged exposure to cold
  • extreme mental or emotional stress (a body under permanent stress twists – this effect is used as a response signal in the kinesiological short-term test)
  • strong slagging of the tissues

What happens in the process? The channel to the nasopharynx, the Eustachian tube, becomes obstructed and this is usually due to fine bone displacements.

This happens more often in children because the canal is still much thinner than in adults.

The solution is,

to restore the bones of the head to their original position and to clear the meridians and acupuncture points that influence the affected area.

It is easy, fast and, for those affected, in addition to the avoided surgery, the pleasant feeling of relaxation and the well-being of good hearing, it is a generally more relaxed and free feeling in the head and the rest of the body.

Tension and blockages in parts of the body affect the whole person, relaxation and free body feeling as well. Everything influences each other. If the main cause is an emotional or mental one, it is of course also necessary to solve/heal it.

Case Description:

Recently I was talking with neighbors and somehow we came to talk about the profession, my profession. I have also experienced almost 100% success with middle ear infections.

Ah meant the child’s father, our daughter had a middle ear infection and hears badly since then. “What is the plan” I asked. “Operate was in the room until now”.

We made an appointment with the child’s mother as a companion. With a 5 year old child, the accompaniment of whom familiar is absolutely necessary. The mother told fairy tales and I could work freely – Smile. Nevertheless, I always work very gently with children. If they are in pain, they lose confidence, which can be the end of treatment. The session was pleasant and I could at least prepare the tissues well.

To be on the safe side we arranged a 2nd appointment where the child’s father was present. Before the session Maria connected father and daughter to Sound of Soul to make them both even more relaxed, although the girl seemed very confident by the 2nd session.

After that I worked maybe 2-3 minutes and the girl fell asleep. I used the Tesla oscillator to prepare the tissues for treatment with the cutter method. After that, it was easy to make all the cranial bones elastic (yes, bones need to be elastic, especially in children) and sculpt all the cranial bones into the optimal position relative to each other.

The head felt wonderful, so in harmony, so elastic and relaxed.

A few days ago, so about 2 weeks after the treatment I got the following message via Messenger:

Hello Gerhard, we went to the doctor for a checkup. The fluid from the ear is gone, hearing performance is back at 100%. We avoided surgery, the therapy worked 100%. Many thanks

From my experience so far, the effect remains sustainable unless a very massive event happens.

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