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Eliminate teeth grinding, teeth gritting naturally and quickly

by | May 21, 2022

Many people are now plagued with the issue of teeth grinding. To avoid this, many of those affected use a “bite splint” at night. This protects the teeth from excessive abrasion. So far so good. The causes are often the same as for jaw cracking. This is sufficiently described there.

An important aspect why it leads to constant biting or rubbing of the teeth is that head and jaw hardening and misalignments trigger a disturbance of the bar, the connection of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

This means that there are disturbances in the male and female or structural and emotional hemispheres of the brain. This then leads to various complications which I will mention later in the report.

The closed bite dissolves the blockage and unconsciously the affected person thinks, ok, now the problem is solved. The loosening of the bite results in a beam blockage again and a new bite is the consequence. In addition to the abrasion of the teeth due to overuse, this constant biting with the wrong bite causes further hardening in the jaw and head area.

Since tensions of the head affect the entire body, those affected often suffer from various tensions in the body, so to speak. Organs also suffer and their function is then impaired. Here is a blog post in which a holistic treatment is described, in which it becomes visible how much tension has passed through holistic bodywork of the tailor method including a jaw treatment. The 77-year-old woman has always emphasized how free she feels and this is based, among other things, very much on the jaw treatment.

Consequences of a beam blockage and the resulting left/right weakness:

  • Writing disability (dyslexia)
  • Coordination weakness
  • compulsive doing – to correct this condition people tend to have to be active all the time. Through movement (walking, running, running includes the cross movement) and corrects while moving the blockage. However, it is not a permanent correction and “forces” those affected to move constantly
  • Lack of concentration
  • Switching – you do something because you think it’s good for you, but you do exactly the opposite and harm yourself in the process.
  • Dominaz problems (there will be an extra article on this topic in the foreseeable future)
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