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When the third teeth no longer hold – simply fix!

by | Nov 8, 2022

The third teeth can cause quite a few problems. On the one hand, when the gums and jawbone shrink, and on the other hand, when the jawbone becomes hard.

Important: this hardness also accelerates gum and jawbone recession. This is because metabolism is very reduced in hard tissues. Both in soft tissues and bones.

The cause can be pressure points, but especially the lack of “playing” rhythm of pressure and relaxation, which is the engine of supply and engine of elasticity in its own dentition plays the main role.

Of course, small kernels or bread seeds also get under the prosthesis more often, which leads to inflammation. Food residues that have been stored under the prosthesis for too long are also causes of inflammation.

Deficiencies or errors or deficiencies in the diet and injuries can also be the cause.

The solution:

Modeling, making bone and gums soft and elastic again works wonders. Often, 20-30 minutes is enough for this by means of the cutter method. The jaws become soft, elastic and “juicy” again. This improves the suction effect.

The fact that this revitalization of the tissues in the mouth improves well-being, breathing, cardiac activity and a lot of other things through the energy system is a wonderful side effect.

The fact that the prostheses hold again much better to very well is the originally desired improvement. And this significantly raises the quality of life.

I have always done this when the dentists have not found a solution. So natural methods expand the possibilities of conventional medicine very much to the benefit of the affected people!

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