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Fix teeth grinding, jaw cracking or jaw clicking quickly naturally!

by | May 14, 2022

Strictly speaking, the post should read, “Jaw cracking, teeth grinding, and pelvic vestibule curvature (and evasiveness) corrected, and singing voice made fuller and bigger!” And all this in only 2 sessions of one hour each.

Something like this is common with my holistic combination of treatment/therapy and coaching for many problems – multiple benefits in different areas and levels!

Back to the subject, which is now very common. As always, of course, the causes and possible solutions are very interesting. Before I describe the above case study and explain the main causes and solutions I have found, I will briefly discuss why I believe these jaw and tooth problems are becoming more common.

“Negative physical, emotional or systemic stress, in particular anxiety” and “toxicity, deficiency and imbalance” are the two main reasons for the increasing incidence of jaw cracking, teeth grinding and lockjaw.

Negative physical, emotional and systemic stress:

Negative stress always leads to tension and subsequently to weakness and hardening. Especially in recent years, stress at work has increased, but so has survival stress. This means the average tension in the body, especially in the head and neck area is higher.
Emotional and systemic stress can make itself felt everywhere in the body. As the saying goes, “You’ve got a louse on your liver,” “It’s getting on your stomach,” and much more. This is also called psychosomatics. That means that stress issues have a physical effect. In this case it would be something like: “Grit your teeth”, “Bite your feelings”, “Talk is silver, silence is gold” and so on.


For people who have gone into anxiety in recent years, for whatever reason, the internal tension whether conscious or unconscious has greatly increased. At the same time, the quality of sleep and regeneration during rest periods is massively restricted or reduced.

Poisoning, deficiency and imbalance:

Due to substances that enter our body through food, air, clothing and “care products”, the body structures become firmer, harder, more tense. A “clean” body is usually much more relaxed and elastic.

The same applies to mineral deficiency or vitamin and vital substance deficiency. The entire chemical, magnetic, electrical and emotional processes function much better with “proper” nutrition, and as a result, tissues can remain stronger on the one hand, but also more elastic. In addition to soft tissues such as muscles and fascia, this also applies to bones.

In this context, one cannot fail to mention the effects of electro-smog, W-Lan and the various frequencies to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

But now to the main causes and solutions I found and to the case study:

Bone hardening and misalignments:

This is two of the main reasons, if not the main causes, of jaw cracking, jaw locking and teeth grinding . I came to it through the Schneider method, which makes it possible to restructure all tissues down to the bones, so that these tissues can reorganize themselves and regain their original strength, or rather dynamics. At the same time, it can also be used to correct changes in the bones and bone struts. More on this further down in the report.
Since the Schneider Method routinely works through the entire body, I noticed that after the hardening and misalignments in the head and jaw area were eliminated, the above-mentioned complaints suddenly disappeared.

But how do these hardenings or malpositions occur?

The above-mentioned reasons for the increased occurrence of the problem ( negative physical, emotional or systemic stress, in particular anxiety, and intoxication, deficiency and imbalance) subsequently lead to hardening and misalignment. In addition, injuries are responsible for these symptoms.


Head injuries, but also injuries on the body, where there are meridian flow disturbances due to scars, lead to malpositions and weaknesses, which the body corrects with additional hardening, in the head and jaw area, . These hardenings and misalignments also lead to malfunctions in the masticatory apparatus (temporomandibular joints) and thus to cracking cartilages, to “jumping” temporomandibular joints and other discomforts up to destroyed joint cartilages and joint surfaces.

The Tailoring Method is holistic and very versatile

With the Schneider method and the associated bone modulation as well as APM according to Schneider, the disturbing bony structures are manually restored to their original shape and the disturbed meridian flows that contributed to the changes are corrected.

This leads to the normalization of the processes in the temporomandibular joint area and the annoying, often painful teeth grinding and jaw clicking comes to an end.

One example of many

Just recently a friend asked me if I could do anything for jaw cracking. I would also like to note that the woman is a classical singer and I have heard (yes, you can hear that) that her voice does not resonate as freely as her talent and technique would allow.

We had a great, pleasant session after which she was completely tired, regeneratively tired. She slept for hours after the treatment and felt a bit confused at first because it was working throughout her head and jaw and felt “very new”. That day, the jaw dropping was still as usual. But the next day she reported that her voice sounded so different, much fuller, and the crackling was almost gone.

By the second session, the bones in question already felt much more elastic. Jaw bones, zygomatic bones, eye socket and the entire skull bones.

It was great! The woman’s voice was much bigger, more voluminous, and fuller. The space in the jaw became “huge” according to her feeling and the jaw cracking has become insignificant.

Another very important aspect that became apparent during our work was the atrophy or hardening of the right pelvic scapula (ilium), which had an influence on digestion and gait. At a young age, she was rejected from a dance school (she was a dancer before studying voice) because her walk was too “sexy.” Until now, no one knew that this “sexy” gait was the result of an evasive movement caused by the change in the pelvic scoop. Once uncovered, this issue could also be resolved.

General well-being, grounding (through pelvic and hip straightening) and vitality are always improved by such processes, in addition to basic ailments.

That the mouth feels much larger is common. The fact that a free jaw affects breathing, heart activity and the entire body is an empirical value. There will be further reports on this. Also on the subject of teeth grinding and the connections, also the energetic ones, more reports will follow soon.

The topic of “Effects of Pelvic Hardening and Defective Curvatures” is also scheduled to be a blog post.

In such treatments, and I write this intentionally, it can always be that work must also be done in the area of emotions and family systems. Because very strong emotional or systemic stress can also lead to high tension, hardening and bone twisting. The manual work then makes sense only when these issues are pacified, healed.

This report is a rough overview of what we did and how it played out. The point of these blog posts is to show where possible solutions are available everywhere.

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