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Restore 100 percent vision

by | Dec 7, 2022

After all, eyesight is an issue for many people. Spectacle wearers everywhere you look, almost. But why is that?

Mineralization and vitalization

Since the diet has now degenerated rather to a filler supply, the body, in this case also the eyes lack the mineralization, vitamins and vital substances. On the one hand it is the chemical agriculture, the too early, unripe harvests and then the pollution by “stimulants”, by the air and whatever.

We talk a lot about frequencies nowadays, and in the substances mentioned there are precisely these frequencies that we need for good functionality.

Another topic are the meridians, blood vessels and the lymphatic channels, which are affected by scars, tension, but also hardening in the tissues of the palate, jaw, head, which lead to flow disturbances and thus to a lack of supply and disposal.

More on this in upcoming videos.

Interesting videos exist in the area of food supply to the body, here are a few examples.

It is also important to say, if possible necessarily order your own garden, if nothing else at least plant some herbs on the balcony, with really good soil from nature, organic gardening or permaculture.

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