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Treatment of vertigo (and tinnitus, hearing loss, shoulder pain and restricted movement, as well as teeth grinding and rigid tension states throughout the body)!

by | Dec 12, 2021

Well, how now? Dizzy spells, and what about the rest? That’s the point. Most of the time clients come for a dominant issue, not thinking about the others or not knowing that this can also be fixed naturally, if at all. I experience this on a regular basis.

A friend recently said “my mother is coming to visit, can you look at her, she suffers from vertigo”? Sure, it goes without saying.

At 77 years of age, the woman was very fit in herself, just “dizzy”. However, we only had time for three sessions of one hour each.

First, I checked her sleeping habits, specifically her pillow and her usual lying positions. The cause of the dizziness and shoulder discomfort had already been found, because with an incorrect, too high and one-piece pillow, the neck becomes tense, the main cause of both dizziness and shoulder problems. We fixed that the same evening, as I was able to drive to the friends’ house, with a M.E.I.N. pillow in my luggage.

After that, it was a matter of releasing the neck and back tension and vertebral blockages in the area. The tailoring method and Chriotherapy according to Mutzhasare ideal for this. It must be said that such blockages can hardly be completely solved without Chriopraktik or similar.

When asked if she had any other complaints, she said, yes, shoulder pain and limited range of motion. She could no longer reach back properly with her arm.

But as we talked, we came to the next topic. She meant, “Attention I have a hearing aid”. She then gave it out during the treatment on my advice. “Oh yes, she said, and I also have tinnitus. That’s pretty annoying, isn’t it?”

After that I felt the bones of the head and noticed that the head, the bones on the right side were completely hard. Especially in the ear area. I then immediately made them elastic again with the osteomodeling of the cutter method. Probably sounds funny to many, but it is exhausting, but quite possible.

To understand what hard bones do the following. Bones, of course, should be firm, but elastic. Bones can become too hard due to injuries, operations, too much and long-lasting tension caused by strong will and continuous stress, or even continuous emotional stress.

As a result, functions in the immediate vicinity are restricted. Thus, hearing disorders, tinnitus or in joints cartilage reduction and cartilage weakness can develop.

Since the hardening around the ear is usually accompanied by too hard cheekbones, I immediately worked through them as well. “Oh” she meant, yes nightly teeth grinding is also added and basically the whole body feels so stiff”.

Good, that meant examining the jawbones as well. They were, of course, decently hard. Much too tight to feel free. It is important to know that hard zygomatic bones and jaw bones are mostly found in teeth grinding. And, last but not least, a hard head and jaw automatically makes the body stiff, which blocks the meridian juices throughout the body.

That was then a crisp treatment. Initially, the jaw bones were very sensitive and I had to be very careful that the effect and pain were in good proportion. Effect requires intensity in this area, pain requires gentleness. It takes a lot of intuition to find the right balance.

After a short time, maybe ten minutes of jaw work, the pain was then already relatively mild and I could drive full intensity. When we were done with the session she said: “that’s incredible, the mouth is huge”.

Between our sessions, she then confided in Maria Mierl, my partner, since emotional or systemic issues almost always play a role. What they did I do not know – only one thing, it was among other things only to carry their own burden, not that of others, let alone the whole world. And that had an enormous effect. More in the email attached below.

At the second session the hearing was much better and I asked her if she had the hearing aid in her ear. “No” she said “but somehow I heard everything well. The con was also only a minor issue. At the same time, I would like to note that before adjusting the neck spine after incorrect lying, it is absolutely necessary to “free” the neck muscles. They’re often as tough as nails in such cases. Once they are soft and lively again, little intensity is needed when setting them up.

At the third session, she said, “the tinnitus is somehow barely perceptible anymore.” The shoulder became free, the head, the ears, the jaw, the mouth, everything felt free and pleasant at the end.

Now the emails she wrote after one and after three weeks. The name was changed. Email One


Email One (after one week)

Dear Gerhard,

I came home well, but still very much mourn the warm temperatures (of Cyprus).

It was a very nice time with you with so many positive effects on my everyday life.

The pillow has already become a habit, and I’m pleased with how nicely my head and neck are aligned thanks to your treatment. I sleep well through the night, but still have some dizziness when I lie down and get up, but after a few seconds it is
The tinnitus in my left ear is weaker, at times even completely gone, and my hearing seems to have improved a bit as well.

I have completely said goodbye to the pain in my right shoulder.

But most of all, I’m pleased with how much looser I feel. While I constantly found myself walking and sitting tensely, I now (mostly) walk through the world quite ‘airily’ – the constriction of “get a grip” has probably (and hopefully permanently) had its day.

Both you and Maria are a great team, I am grateful that you worked with me.

I’m sure you’ll be disappointed when I tell you that I can’t honor your request (for a report) after the report right now. You already asked me about it during the treatment, and I said, “I’ll try.”
But I realize how much pressure it makes me feel, it blocks all my brain cells.

I’m sorry, because of course your excellent work would have deserved good public feedback, but I just don’t feel up to it right now.

I hope I may still contact you if necessary and send you very warm greetings from Ulm

Email Two (after three weeks)

Dear Gerhard,

thank you, your treatment was very sustainable! I am still doing very well and enjoying every day.

My mouth is still a big cavity, jaw clenching is a thing of the past. And if something doesn’t work out so well for me, I’m not a sheep or a camel or anything else. That was a good tip from Maria to just look at me in a friendly and benevolent way.

Re. Pillow: I can’t fall asleep lying on my back (but it’s not because of the pillow), side positions are okay, anyway I wake up refreshed.

The only difficult thing is a short but violent dizziness when lying down and standing up. Does the pillow possibly need a little more filling?

And how are you?

Love greetings


Email to Maria (maybe her report will follow)

Dear Mary,

what a successful surprise!!! This dandelion, which has grown so powerfully through the asphalt, has strained as long as it took, and now it shines and glows softly and full of vitality.

Thank you so much for this, you are a treasure. (I printed out the picture and hung it in a prominent place).

Thanks also for the ‘bridge’: “Whose is this? Is this mine?” I notice how much easier it is for me since my return to observe instead of almost automatically doing things that I have not questioned much before and often enough don’t want to or vice versa, for example, to deny myself reading (which I am passionate about) because my mother tells me there is still work to be done.

I feel lighter-footed and looser and am naturally much more able to feel at all as a result.

I owe this to your complementary excellent empathetic work, I am sooo happy that change knows no age limits.

Love greetings




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