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You know how it is, there’s an extreme amount of fighting going on in your house?

by | May 13, 2023

Darn it all, what’s going on? There are constant fights in our house, even with strangers! How can this be?

In the house goes “the smoke “up!

When we’re somewhere else, that doesn’t happen. How can this be?

There are certainly energetic distortions. Energetic distortions, what is it?

Due to war, accidents, disasters or poisons that affect the house, the energy in a house can be completely disturbed, disrupted, dark or negative. And the “accident” does not even have to be directly in, under or near the house. Such a thing can also affect a house, a settlement or a whole village from the surrounding area.

How does that work? What is its effect?

In the affected area you can perceive dark shadows, “tattered energy, etc.. At least with me it is like that. Then it is necessary to find out where the source of the disturbing energy is, where it comes from and how it can be harmonized or healed.

As? There are many possibilities, possibly not comprehensible for someone who does not know this topic.

The result? As soon as the area is energetically pure, everything changes abruptly. The vibration, the mood and peace and joy can return to the house. A wonderful feeling.

I have been working with it for a long time and very successfully. The results are extremely gratifying.

If you are interested and also want to profit from it, then

contact me.

So that it is beautiful again at home!

Suddenly the sun shines again, as if created by magic

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