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Solve groin problems holistically!

by | Apr 29, 2023

Groin problems are so common, often subtle!


  • Sportsman
  • Non-athletes
  • Women
  • Men
  • etc.

But why is it like that, what is it connected to?

There are so many reasons for groin discomfort.

Injuries, false stresses, meridian disorders, congenital weakness, foot and heel problems, tooth and jaw blockages.

But you are interested in how to fix something like that. The first step at least for me, always first find out the cause, the causal relationships.

Always included is osteomodeling of the cutter method. The pubic bone is the focus here. Due to the hardening and the resulting traction that is exerted on the groin, there is always an excessive stress on the inguinal ligament, which over time can also escalate into a hernia.

Meridian influence

Straight teeth and jaws can play a big role in this.

See also the video
Jaw treatment, the key point by means of the cutter method

In the case of the hip/groin area, all 3 teeth, i.e. all canines and their surrounding tissue, are affected in particular. Hardening of this area can have an extremely negative effect on the groin, but can also be quickly cleared with osteomodeling.

However, injuries, surgeries, indurations, often in areas remote from the groin, can also have a strong influence on the groin area. If you take the area of the stomach meridian, which flows from the head through the abdomen, the hips to the feet. If there is a blocking influence in the area, the groin may suffer massively.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to check the entire body to find all possible connections. Once these have been found and remedied, the groin can be repaired very sustainably and usually quickly.

If you are interested, please contact me. To describe the performance topic in detail it is too big and too versatile.



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