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A pillow is much more than just a pillow.

by | Sep 22, 2023

The topic of sleep concerns people all over the world. Falling asleep, sleeping through the night, waking up tired and feeling battered all day. You know this? Well, then you’re probably in the right place.

Beds, slatted frames, mattresses, bedding, even pillows are mentioned in connection. Yes, of course, and rightly so. Even daily exercises are recommended to relieve tension.

But why not avoid tension
instead of painstakingly

daily – and
with a lot of effort you will not get rid of them completely

– the tensions

The pillow is the key point on the subject of

healthy and

relaxed sleep


it’s much more than just healthy sleep!


Have you ever heard of meridians and acupuncture points?

As discussed in the video, tension (or even scars) affect the flow in the meridians, whose energy is called chi. In the west, however, you can also say high-swinging liquid. Willi Penzel discovered this in the last century and named it APM after Penzel.

If there is tension because you are lying (or sitting) incorrectly (see the “Pain adé” guide), then weakness of the stomach occurs primarily in the stomach meridian, 80% of which communicates with the neck muscles. This in turn prevents optimal digestion and every organ weakness and tension also weakens the entire organism to some extent. The effect thus goes far beyond healthy sleep. In the video, healing masseur Christian Spiegel shares his experience with therapy at the Dipl. Phys. Gerhard Schneider, the developer of the ingenious M.E.I.N. pillow his own experiences and those he makes with his patients.

The pillow is one of the key points in the whole health care system. An important element of the pillars of health


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