The tailoring method training program

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The cutting method takes place in three stages

Basics: At the beginning of the course and in between there are always energy, relaxation and integration exercises to stay fresh and fit. These can then also be used in practice or in your own everyday life.

Basic course (Seminar 1)


Completed education in massage, physical therapy, medicine, so basically in a profession where you treat people physically, manually. People who are well acquainted with massages and other manual therapies. Anatomy, physiology and the usual basic knowledge must be present. In the tailoring method, additional basics are learned that are not known in the form, but are very essential.


In the training, the principles of the tailoring method, which builds on the basic knowledge in medicine, as far as anatomy is concerned. In many areas the tailoring method differs, especially the knowledge of processes and interrelationships in the human being and is therefore most an essential further development. The field of knowledge and the possibilities to help people heal, both are experiencing a decent growth.


The important thing is that you like to work manually. Holistic should be normal or at least very interesting for you. Holism also in the sense of knowing that emotional or mental issues interfere very massively with physical processes, both positive and negative.


  • The principles of the Tailor Method (the ball and tube principle – sounds strange, extremely changes the understanding of human movement and energy flow). This understanding enables the

  • Treatment principle of the cutter method. Since the tissues change, become elastic and permeable so quickly through this three- and multi-dimensional technique, fixed grips make no sense, as this would only have a restrictive and blocking effect.

  • Seeing by feeling. This change has brought me therapeutically into a security and quality that would never have been possible without it. Previous students have told me the same thing. Clients also notice this security, which creates enormous confidence. I pass that on in this course.

  • Working without fixed grips is very challenging at first. Especially for therapists who are used to working with predefined fixed procedures. Once this hurdle has been overcome, an independent creative process develops and opens up unimagined possibilities of manual energetic therapy.

  • Loosening of adhesions both of individual cell associations or of connective tissue up to whole muscle and joint areas. Organs are also wonderful to treat with it.

  • The connection between physical ailments and emotional or mental blockages or hardenings. We have migrated astrologically from the earth epoch to the air epoch. That means our entire life becomes more subtle. Over the last twenty years, it has become clear that many ailments that are triggered by intense emotional or mental stress can no longer be fundamentally healed without resolving it.

  • Testing with energetic muscle testing. What has been known for a long time in kinesiology and other methods is learned in the tailoring method in a slightly different form. This means that you no longer have to assume what should be done for the best, but you can ask what is most helpful or which contexts should be taken into account.

  • Practice on external subjects. In order to treat people outside of the collegiate community in the company of an experienced tailor therapist, we are always looking for people who are willing to do so.


  • For people who massage or work manually an intensive expansion of knowledge, skills and thus the possibilities in their activity. Most previous students have reported that it makes working much more fun and that customer satisfaction can be greatly improved as a result.

  • The basic course is a prerequisite to attend the other courses of the tailoring method.

  • Many of the course participants had their own physical problems eliminated or at least massively reduced after the course. Not a must, but a pleasant side effect.

Course 2

The 2nd course
builds on the basic course
on. It is especially about seeing with the hands or with the whole body, so a holistic perception of the clients, the use of the whole body in the work, centered work. Restore freedom and mobility to extremities from skin to muscles and fascia to bone. A very intensive course with enormous potential.

  • Inner imagery through reaching inside, a three-dimensional technique that greatly improves the certainty of what one has to do and is doing. The inner images that arise through the feeling translate into handles and treatment technique.

  • Learn the necessary angle technique of the cutter method to completely and quickly release adhesions and blockages.

  • Release muscle and fascia hardening

  • Joints including the Bones (bones can also be too hard, which causes many problems) To make them free and mobile again. To recognize and understand the lines of blockage patterns and to solve them.

  • Organs free, make them mobile and put them in the right position.

  • Learn and use acupuncture massage according to Schneider – excellent for decongesting scars, releasing flow blockages.

  • Shock – Effect and influence of shocks on health and healing. An immensely important part that is learned at least to some extent and if there is time. Many injuries can only be sustainably resolved if the shock behind them is healed. There will be an extra program for this. Probably after the courses as a workshop.

Benefit: The speed of successful therapy increases noticeably. Also the depth and sustainability improves. Working holistically brings a lot of joy to the therapist, as the energy from releasing tension and blockages spills over to the therapist. Clients also benefit from holistic treatment, as many solutions that are not initially expected happen in the process. Problems that were previously difficult to solve become easily solvable in many cases.

Course 3

The 3rd course represents the supreme discipline. The topics are head, neck, ears, some joints and bones that were not covered in the second course. Because joints such as the jaws can be crooked not only because of hardened muscles, butn also shifted the bones in the head can bebecause the bones are unequal to each other canbecause jawbone bent and hardened can be everything is holistically put in order so that e.g. teeth grinding, jaw cracking, tensions in the jaw joints, displaced ears or permanent neck problems are solved. Headaches and migraines can also be treated very successfully.

  • Cranial bones – correct bone hardness, work out injuries (will then be explained in more detail in the courses beforehand) the position of the sutures (suture) corrected. Eliminate headaches and migraines. Discuss and remedy causes and its emergence.

  • Ears – resolve middle ear infection, partially resolve hearing problems, resolve ear pain, correct energy flow of the body through the ears (reflex zones).

  • Nose – straighten the nasal septum, correct breathing problems caused by the nose or jaw.

  • Mouth/jaw – clear jawbone, partially restore to original shape, clear palate.

  • Connection jawbone (teeth) with the meridian system learn and release blockages, thereby also organs, joints, etc. influence positively.

  • Destabilize scars

  • Fix and avoid dizziness

  • Introduction to correct lying, sitting, standing and walking, optimizing posture in everyday life and at work.

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