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What is psychosomatics and where is it important?


As the name suggests:

“The psychological that affects the body”.


It must be noted that with psyche once of course the general thinking and opinion system, the mental state and quite particularly the emotional subject area belongs to it.

With the emotional subject area, shocks, traumas, blocked or prevented feelings, systemic influences, etc. are meant.


And what influence the emotional realm has on people is incredible!

Maria and I, we were quite successful before we started working together and had many satisfied or enthusiastic patients (clients).

But what happened after the direct collaboration breaks many, perhaps all, boundaries.

We were able to solve complaints, diseases, problems that were not known before. Read more in the blog posts. Everywhere where emotional occurs, it was a collaboration with Maria or I myself also worked on the emotional area. Through the kinesiology training I also learned emotional work and a few areas from that have become my specialties as well.


Emotional means:

Let’s just take the example of shock. Suppose a person experiences an accident, is immensely negatively surprised (shocked) and is not breathing at that moment. Then this shock eats right into the emotional subsection of the brain (limbic system) and at the same time, should it be accompanied by an injury, into the associated site of the affected body part.

That is, there comes a standstill, a hardening. Fear and pain pull together, condense, harden.

Thus, fear (compression) remains in the limbic system until the event is “healed.” Sure, time helps a little with healing, but doesn’t really heal.

As long as one has an uncomfortable feeling about the memory, the shock is still active.

Physically, the associated site is undersupplied. Circulation, meridian supply, nervous system, everything is set to emergency in the affected area.

This usually makes the fear of experiencing the same thing again an issue, and parts of the body that are blocked by a strong shock (can be trauma, etc., of course) never heal properly.

Who does not know this? You go to therapy or do exercises, but always have to keep at it, if it helps at all then and as soon as you let up a little, the problem is back.

If the emotional part is healed (I am indeed a specialist in this), the therapy is usually short and simple.

Doing the right thing saves a lot of money, time and pain!

What if emotion and body were not connected and influenced each other?

Why then the connection “body – soul – spirit”.


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