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Hello dear Gerhard,

Now I would like to tell you how much you have helped me with the pinevehabdlung.
You realized that with all the body treatment,
also great impact have come from my jaw.
Another interesting question was: How much have you struggled through life? It was all very hardened and thus also affected my neck tension.
Thank you also that you can feel into a person during your work and thereby recognize the causes. (also mental causes)
Even if the Kiefner bone treatment was a bit painful, the results cancel out the pain!
Thank you for your great work!!!!
Many thanks
Gabi Wütscher - Germany

I have known and appreciated Gerhard Schneider as a physiotherapist for more than a decade, although this job title does not really do him justice. He is much more than that. He immediately grasps the story behind the story at the first touch and a brief description of the symptomatology. And that brings him to the solution. This is – at least from my point of view – never the same, but always unerring and highly effective. With the precision of a watchmaker, he puts displaced things in the right position, resolves old traumas that present themselves on a physical level, and unravels scars and their hardenings/adhesions. Gerhard Schneider’s techniques and methods are highly effective due to his distinct intuition and cannot be compared to other classical physiotherapists.

Marianne Lechner - Germany

Gerhard has an unspeakable treasure of knowledge, which he carries within himself.

With his Schneider method he can achieve a lot with you physically and energetically. For example, I was allowed to make the experience with my jaw. He has restored him to full mobility. I was completely amazed, I have never perceived my jaw like this before. Every movement is so easy now, where before there must have been a blockage. In addition, he debrided my scars from the wisdom teeth, so that at least no more back problems can be caused in this direction. I continue to be curious about what else will happen with his collaboration. I am sure that the next testimonial will come. Jessica Gaiß, Cyprus.

Jessica Gaiss - Cyprus

Marketing, Healer

More than 12 years ago I came “by chance” into the practice of Gerhard Schneider.

After successful treatments and correction of my sleeping patterns with his health pillow, I noticed how my body relaxed more and more. For years, neck pain and headaches plagued me. Even low back pain was my constant companion.

Sensory disturbances in the left arm were as much a problem as the regular headaches and neck pain that lasted for days. Immediately I bought a pillow from Gerhard. After about 3 weeks and fine tuning the pillow, my back and neck pain completely disappeared.

I used to be a regular at the chiropractor, physical therapists and massage therapists. Nothing helped in the long run. The treatments only worked for a short time. Today I know why. What good is the best treatment if you are completely wrong again afterwards? Full of enthusiasm, I began to recommend the pillow to my clients. Fascinated by Gerhard Schneider’s holistic approach, I began additional training with him.

Many of my patients and clients have so far successfully integrated Gerhard Schneider’s pillow concept into their lives. I get the most incredible feedback. If implemented correctly, 100% success is guaranteed. To this day, over 12 years I have never been back to a chiropractor or physical therapist. I have invested thousands of euros in various therapies. But nothing helped permanently. I am grateful to Gerhard from the bottom of my heart for his ingenious pillow.

Even on vacation and every hotel stay, the pillow is always with you. PS: his book “Heavenly Lying, Divine Sitting” is also highly recommended. The tips and tricks contained in the book are worth their weight in gold. I can highly recommend Gerhard Schneider’s health pillow to everyone. After over 12years of positive experience with the pillow, I know what I’m talking about! SINCERE THANKS

Christian Spiegel - Austria

Healing masseur

Gerhard Schneider is a very unusual holistic physiotherapist and kinesiologist,

who with his complex knowledge of body, mind and soul has developed his own method which is groundbreaking, even breathtaking!!!

I am an opera singer and have been treated periodically in various countries by ostheopaths, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, otolaryngologists etc…etc….
My instrument is the body and I have experienced healing only with the encounter with Gerhard Schneider concerning my jaw, suppleness and deblocking already after 2 treatments!!) my vocal cords (blockages in the right throat wall, which irritated my high tones)
and which no doctor could see or solve, were not only felt but by his treatment method (tailor method) noticeably removed, which up to the today’s day (approx. one year after this treatment date) me the absolute liberty.
in the practice of my profession inclusive high notes guaranteed! Likewise, the
Back, the spine and my pelvis straightened and my body as an instrument as a unit completely restored!!!
My life has changed a lot as a result and I can only add that after years of searching in Paris and Vienna with specialists I had already given up, the encounter and treatment with this wonderful holistic healer has given me a new start in the practice of my profession and I have come back to my full strength!
THANK YOU Gerhard Schneider for giving us such miraculous treatments
a blessing for mankind especially in this very special time!!!
Annoki von Arx - Cyprus


Dear Gerhard!

I am happy to write you the story with the healing of my leg by your “energetic” treatment.

After I had a compound rotational fracture above the ankle on my right leg, a splint was used to heal it. I had this metal removed.

I kept having discomfort and pain because the scar could not be debulked either. After several treatments with you, you have also energetically removed this metal in your “energetic healing way” and suddenly this numb heavy feeling has dissolved. My feeling is also that the blood flow to the foot has improved as well.

Thank you again.

Hannes Lachinger - Austria

Computer scientist -- Cellagon consultant - retiree

Dear Gerhard,
thank you, your treatment was very sustainable! I am still doing very well and enjoying every day.
My mouth is still a big cavity, jaw clenching is a thing of the past. And if something doesn’t work out so well for me, I’m not a sheep or a camel or anything else. That was a good tip from Maria to just look at me in a friendly and benevolent way.
Re. Pillow: I can’t fall asleep lying on my back (but it’s not because of the pillow), side positions are okay, anyway I wake up refreshed.
The only difficult thing is a short but violent dizziness when lying down and standing up. Does the pillow possibly need a little more filling?
And how are you?
Even if it’s often foggy, the colorful leaves are a dream that makes every day a holiday, a little compensation for uncomfortable temperatures.
I greet you both very warmly
Heidi Pehnak - Germany


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