The Schneider Method

revolutionary - versatile - intensive - holistic

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For all masseurs* and therapists* who REALLY care about their patients

Create a completely new attitude towards life with the revolutionary Schneider method – for your patients, but also for yourself …

You are a therapist or masseur and you care about your clients REALLY at heart? You know that there is nothing more important than the well-being of your clients and you do everything to make sure that they feel comfortable and relaxed feel? You do your best every day, and every now and then you push yourself to your limits.

But what if I told you that you could do even more? That there is a new method that will take your treatments to the next level and make your clients even more happier and more satisfied and satisfied?

The Schneider Method is a groundbreaking manual techniquewhich is based on years of research and experience is built. It allows you to also consider the energetic and emotional connections and treat your clients on a deeper level.

Say goodbye to lengthy, boring treatments and unsatisfying results!

How many times have you had clients who have suffered for months or even years with the same complaints fought? How many times have you wondered if it wasn’t a better method exists?

With the Schneider method belong lengthy treatments and unsatisfactory results are a thing of the a thing of the past an. The Schneider method very often allows you to treat several ailments at the same time and thus fast, sustainable and surprising results. to achieve.

Discover the potential – in you and your clients!

The Schneider Method is not just a method, but a completely new point of view and way of life. It will inspire you to discover and nurture the full potential in yourself and your clients.

You treat your customers not only on physicalbut also on emotional and energetic level. You are even better able to release traumas and blockages and to create a new attitude towards life in your clients.

Awaken the therapeutic artist in you!

The Schneider Method not only makes you a better therapist or masseur, but also an artist of your craft! artist in your field! With it you will be able to develop your own techniques and express yourself creatively.

With the Schneider Method you will not only make your clients happier, but also yourself! Because finally you feel that you are doing something really meaningful!

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