Health and well-being at all levels is our goal!

For people who are looking for it, we are exactly the right people.


Gerhard Schneider and Maria Mierl

We have been a successful team for almost 20 years. Professional cooperation also turned into a human bond.

This makes the collaboration ideal, both in terms of time and in the choice of therapeutic steps selected.

Maria covers the emotilnal/mental/energetic area and makes many recovery steps possible only through this. I, Gerhard, loosen all tissues on the structural-energetic level, which enables or accelerates healing of a physical and emotional nature. A brilliant interplay, as became very clear to us a long time ago.

A win-win situation for whom?

For all!

For once, our patients/clients experience themselves with special awareness and experience recovery processes to an extent and at a speed that is quite extraordinary.

And, through the breakthrough tailoring method is

a therapy method for all cases

It is amazing where and what all can become free and thus healthy and straight. And still I discover new possibilities, where everywhere this method works ingeniously, quickly and sustainably.

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