The Schneider Method

revolutionary - versatile - intensive - holistic

Seminar 1 (Basic seminar) Tailoring method


The basic seminar can be booked individually, i.e. without training as a therapist of the Tailoring Method.

Suitable for beginners and advanced massage and physiotherapy.

There is so much content, new, groundbreaking for everyone that this seminar alone is worthwhile.

Seminar leader: Gerhard Schneider
Place: somewhere in Bavaria/Austria

Price: (€ 1200) € 900,-, for early bookers € 800,-.
Dates: see training calendar

Training tailor method


This is currently based on three seminars. Since the amount of possibilities, techniques and therefore questions is large, support is provided afterwards via webinar (for members of the community) and workshops.

If needed and interested, we also have exciting seminars in the Talon to shape each of you into a therapeutic artist who wants more success, more earnings and more joy in therapeutic work.

The seminars will be led by Gerhard Schneider and Christian Spiegel, the price will be around € 2500,-.

We can talk about it at the basic seminar or by phone.

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