The Schneider Method

revolutionary - versatile - intensive - holistic

The Schneider Method is a groundbreaking manual technique built on years of experience and research. With the Osteomodulation, it offers a revolutionary novelty in the therapy sector!

The Tailoring Method is an intensive, multidimensional body therapy method and is immensely helpful for fast healing.

It is:

+ revolutionary
+ Extremely versatile and profound
+ solves many problems at the same time
+ helps on many levels
+ is consciousness raising
+ has a frequency-increasing effect
+ a method of the new age


The tailoring method does not use fixed grips, as they would only slow down the rapid changes and recovery processes.

It is an instrument equal to a violin, every note, every fingering is constantly being suitably redesigned.

Sensitive vision creates a sense of security that is a source of great pleasure for patients and therapists alike.

The method is three or multi-dimensional. With you as a client and also with your cells, permission must first be achieved. Only when your trust and that of the cells is given, changes are possible. However, trust then also enables the extremely rapid changes and healing processes.

Then it is essentially a matter of releasing cell connections, skin, muscles, fascia, connective tissue and bones, like a loose, well-aerated and nutrient-rich soil. The comparison seems far-fetched? No, we are all a part of nature and equations are found everywhere.

Nowadays, people are always talking about frequencies, about vibration. Only tissue in the right connection and strength (or elasticity) allows the appropriate frequency to be healthy and healed. Through the Schneider method with osteomodulation and APM according to Schneider, the tissues return to this healing state.

The therapist is the gardener, the person always heals himself!

And it is so beautiful when people say goodbye free and healthy and enjoy life again!

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