Why therapies are often not or little successful!

The real causes are often much deeper than the supposed causes …

A psychologist said that only after the fifth WHY do you have a chance to find the True Cause.

Whether the origin of a problem is structural (attitude, injury, nutrition, etc.), emotional (shock, negative memories, brought into this life, or systemic), or energetic (meridians, subtle energy body, radiations, etc.) cleared – all must be considered to find the true cause! This proves to be very special!


And if everything feels good again, how awesome is that?


If you purify the spring, the whole stream is purified up to the lake or sea. Since I work accordingly, my clients/patients win in the moment and especially sustainably!

My philosophy – the more people are doing well the better the individual!

Gerhard Schneider

The Schneider Method

revolutionary - versatile - intensive - holistic

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